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Anime - Manga coloring pages

Anime - Manga

Here you can find many characters’ coloring pages from anime and manga.
Many of the characters have their origin in the Japanese manga, genres and publications from manga are varied and many of them have become anime series for television and have spread with great success worldwide.
Coloring pages of characters from Dragon Ball, Hamtaro, Naruto and Bakugan, as well the famous creatures and characters from Pokemon and Digimon who also had their origin in the world of video games. We also have drawings of non-Japanese anime series such as Ben 10, Code Lyoko and Team Galaxy, among others. Among the anime series and characters which are the most popular with female audiences you can find Sakura, Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody and Totally Spies.
Even sports themes have their own anime series like Captain Tsubasa, Inazuma Eleven and Galactic Football recreating the world of football and Scan2Go inspired by racing cars.