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Christmas Angels coloring pages

Christmas Angels

Here you will find a large assortment of angels for Christmas decorations. From angels singing to angels playing various musical instruments such as a bell, a harp, a trumpet or a violin. Through angels on sleighs, angels with candles and other Christmas decorations. To the most typical little angels on clouds and in a starry sky. The figure of the angel that appears in Christmas traditions tends to be a child with wings.
Angels are supernatural or spiritual beings who, according to some religions, serve God and act as God's messengers and intermediaries between God and men. The word angel comes from the Latin word angelus which has derived from the Greek word angelos whose meaning is messenger. They are immortal creatures of absolute purity. Angels are usually represented as young perfect human beings with feathered wings on their backs despite being disembodied creatures. Other times their representation is simply a halo or a ray of light.
According to Christian tradition there are various categories of angelic beings according to their proximity or remoteness with respect to divinity. The most popular categories are as follows below. The angels would be the category of God's farthest and closest to the men. The archangels are responsible for announcing the mysteries. The Cherubim who watch the throne of the Lord. The Seraphim who surround the throne of God and represent the divine wisdom.
Among the closest angels to human are distinguished the guardian angels, who are responsible for each of the individuals. The figure of the angel appears in various biblical passages such as Annunciation and birth of Jesus, childhood, preaching and resurrection of Jesus. According to Bible there are fallen angels, demons, those who were expelled from heaven and live in hell.
Islamic tradition also believes in the existence of angels and demons. While the former are luminous, winged beings only visible by the prophets. The seconds are evil and destructive beings.