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Christmas Bells coloring pages

Christmas Bells

The bells are one of the classic decorative elements of Christmas. These objects are the representation of the musicality of Christmas holidays season. The musical traditions associated with Christmas are numerous around the world.
The bell is a percussion instrument consisting of a rounded container with a concave interior. The bells produce sound when they are hit with a clapper inside or hit with a hammer outside. The bells are made to achieve a particular tone or musical note. Bells are normally made from molds and the casting of the bronze. The essentially decorative bells can be manufactured in others and different materials such as brass, ceramic or glass.
There are bells in many shapes and varied sizes. In what concerns the measures there are bells, ranging from small bells to the immense bells of the bell towers of churches and other temples of different religions. In relation to the shapes can be found from typical bells with a shape reminiscent of a pear, to completely cylindrical bells.
The jingle bells can be considered a very special type of bells. It is small and usually spherical metal container with a small ball of the same material inside. It is a percussion instrument with an indeterminate sound, whose sound is produced by its own vibration and which serves only to play rhythms.
The carillon is a musical instrument consisting of a minimum of twenty three bells, each of which corresponds to a note. This instrument is played from a keyboard connected to the bells through strings. There are also automatic carillons that play always a particular composition. In this case it works through a metal cylinder. The carillon is the heaviest musical instrument of all the instruments that exist and have existed throughout history. In many cities carillon concerts are held during the Christmas holiday season and at other times along the year. There are musical compositions created especially to be played with the carillon.
The decorative Christmas bells are often decorated with ribbons, sprigs of holly or other typical plants of Christmas decorations. Christmas drawings with bells are very decorative and representative of this celebrations. Here you can find many and different coloring pages with bells for Christmas.