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Christmas candles coloring pages

Christmas candles

During the Christmas holiday season is a widespread tradition to light candles in homes and in churches. Christmas candles tend to be cylindrical, but there are many different proportions and colours. We can find from long and thick candles, short and thick, long and fine, until the short and thin ones. The combination of several different candles in the same composition usually gives very decorative results. Candles are often used as Christmas decorations, especially in the centerpieces together with plant elements and other accessories.
Candles are a solid fuel rods, such as paraffin, wax, or other fatty materials with a wick inside to ignite and give light. Today candles are currently manufactured with an infinite number of forms but the most common are the cylindrical. Usually candles are put in a container specially designed for this function and which collects wax or paraffin fused to avoid staining of the surface over which you placed the candle.
Lately the tealights candles have become popular in many houses and other places. There are small circular candles with an approximate height of a centimetre that come in their own containers of aluminium or polycarbonate. These candles come in many colors and even can be with aromas. Although their common uses are others, with them also creative decorations can be made for Christmas. For example, you can draw various Christmas icons with these small candles.
In our drawings of Christmas candles you can find many ideas for the use of candles as part of the Christmas decorations. The symbolism of a lit candle appears almost in all cultures and religions. Their meanings may be different. Candles and torches have been used and are still used in many rituals since ancient times. The attraction of humans by the light and the fire is ancient, universal and has been maintained throughout history.