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Christmas cards

One of the Christmas traditions most widespread in many parts of the world was to send greeting cards to friends and family to wish them happy Christmas holidays by mail. It was pretty cards printed or decorated with Christmas motifs. Weeks before the arrival of the festivities began the work of preparing the cards and write the message in them. Once prepared were introduced inside an envelope in which it had indicated postal address of the person to whom you want to send, and with the sender data on the back side. For shipment arrived at the recipient should put a stamp on the envelope with the value corresponding to the shipping envelope, and deposit it in an office or box of postal service.
The tradition of sending Christmas cards is being lost due to the appearance of emails, social networks, and new instant messaging systems. We believe that it is a nice tradition that would be interesting to keep and that is why we have prepared our great collection of Christmas greeting cards. Thanks to the new possibilities of shipping it is no longer necessary to have so many forecast in the preparation of the cards, as they arrive to the recipient in a way almost instantly. With traditional mail should be send them early enough so that they reach destination before the holidays. Many times the postal services were collapsed in the Christmas season due to the volume of shipments was very large.
There are even people, companies and institutions that send their Christmas congratulations in a traditional way, through the postal service. With our greeting cards ready to colour and customize, you will be able to send them in traditional format paper or virtually via email. We have many models of different patterned decorative Christmas card with the Merry Christmas text in several languages. We also have other greeting cards in a single language with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year text. These cards have their version in different languages.