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Christmas Cookies coloring pages

Christmas Cookies

In the typical Christmas pastries there are typical sweets of each country and region. Here you can find traditional Christmas cookies. There are cookies with different forms related to Christmas, easily recognizable by all and that will like very much to younger children. Cookies decorations are made with icing sugar and chocolate as a complement of the shape and making it more appealing and appetizing. Decorate Christmas cookies can be a fun entertainment for children.
You can find biscuits with many shapes like a heart, a Christmas tree, a star of Bethlehem, a bell, a crystal of ice, a sock for gifts, a cottage, a gift for Christmas and the figure of a man. There can be many more shapes for cookies, other ideas would be a simple star, a candy cane, an angel, a Christmas ball, a snowman and Santa Claus face. And all those you can think and to cut the mass of cookies with a mold or a manual method.
The ingredients of these cookies can be different according to the traditional recipes, from gingerbread to those incorporate other species such as cinnamon or nuts such as almonds. Many families have their own Christmas cookies recipe because they have adapted to their tastes and preferences.
These fun cookies can also be used as Christmas decorations for the tree. Print, color and cut out our drawings of custom cookies to decorate your home, also you can hang the cookies drawings in your tree for Christmas.