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Christmas Decoration coloring pages

Christmas Decoration

Christmas decoration refers to the set of elements that adorn a room or an environment especially for the celebration of Christmas. Usually the will of who decorates is make more pleasant and attractive that space. In the specific case of the decoration for Christmas it is also the will of creates a special and unique Christmas atmosphere.
The ornamental elements used in decoration are varied. Here we have many coloring pages with decorative elements for the celebration of the Christmas holiday. The most important thing for the success of festive decorations is that people easily recognize the different elements relate to the feast that commemorates. We could speak about a Christmas iconography as those symbols and objects that people relate very clearly with Christmas. Among them are the star of Bethlehem or Christmas star, snowflakes or ice crystals, mistletoe branches, holly branches, poinsettia or Christmas flower, little lights, candles and typical Christmas sweets.
Some of these elements were originally from the coldest countries in the northern hemisphere but due to globalization have become recognizable elements to almost all of humanity. The countless Christmas films made in the United States of America and which have become popular in much of the world have contributed to the creation of the greatest part of this iconography.
The mandala is originally a spiritual and ritual symbol of Eastern religions but the same design concept has been used for other diverse topics. These include Christmas mandalas which can be very useful for some easy-to-make decorations. We have mandalas to print and colour with stars, angels, ice crystals, candles, figurines of Saint Nicholas and ornaments made with plants.
Christmas trees and Santa Claus hats are two of the most recognized Christmas icons around the world.