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Christmas landscapes coloring pages

Christmas landscapes

Those landscapes that we often recognize as Christmas's landscapes usually tend to be in winter and at night. When the reality is that Christmas is celebrated on the same date throughout the world and in many parts of the planet coincides with the summer period. The assimilation between Christmas and the winter is due in large part to the preeminence of the literature and movies made in certain countries from the northern hemisphere.
Starry nights, i.e., the skies with a lot of stars. The firs and the pretty houses with rooftops full of snow. The villages in the middle of a landscape of peace and harmony. The steeples of churches stand out in the towns distant views. The houses with Christmas tree adorned in their garden at the streets of towns and cities. The famous Christmas markets illuminated with garlands of lights with stalls full of typical products for the Christmas celebrations and many visitors are the places with more atmosphere in many towns and cities. The House of Santa Claus at the North Pole and the sleigh of Santa flying over houses on Christmas Eve are fantastic landscapes fully related to Christmas around the world. You can find all these landscapes among our beautiful drawings to colour of landscapes at Christmas.