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Christmas socks and boots coloring pages

Christmas socks and boots

The tradition of Christmas socks and Christmas boots has not a clearly recognized origin but appears in many legends and folktales from Christmas in the Central and Northern Europe. It seems that comes from a Scandinavian tradition related to the god Odin and that was adapted to Christianity like many others.
It is decorative socks knitted in wool with drawings of Christmas themes and decorated with some accessories like ribbons, bows and jingle bells. The gifts of Christmas are placed inside the large boots that have been left for that purpose and also within the socks hanging on the wall of the fireplaces in the houses. Some families have the tradition of hanging a sock for every one of its members as so Santa Claus can leave perfectly classified gifts.
The presents that appear in Christmas socks tend to be sweets, coins, small toys and other small gifts. In some places children who have had very bad behavior during the year receive only a piece of coal into his sock. It's an important and hard punishment which is imposed only in the most serious cases of child misbehavior.
The sock is a garment which covers the foot and part of the leg below the knee. The sock is to protect the foot of footwear. The boot is a footwear of leather or other material covering the foot and part of the leg. It is very important to note that Christmas socks and boots must be very large, much larger than that we are accustomed to use. It's boots and socks that are made deliberately with sizes suitable for the giants, in this way we can guarantee that all the gifts will fit inside.