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Disney movies - Disney films coloring pages

Disney movies - Disney films

Many of animated films produced by Disney studios have become the most popular children's animation films of all time.
You can find coloring pages from films already considered classics of animation for kids such as Toy Story, The Lion King, Cars, Aladdin and Tinker Bell. Many of these great successes were created by the famous computer animation company Pixar that in 2006 was bought by Disney.
Among our drawings you will find some Disney movies that were shot with real actors such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean and the two Tron films that combine reality with animated special effects techniques.
The universe of the characters in the Disney movies is endless. Here you can color drawings of characters such as The Incredibles superhero family, the monsters Mike and Sulley, Buzz and Woody, Nemo and his friends, Bolt, Ralph, Tinkerbell, Wall -E, Tarzan and many more.