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Nativity scene coloring pages

Nativity scene

The Manger scene or Nativity scene is the representation of the birth of Jesus which is made by the Christmas holiday season. This tradition is widespread in many countries and each area has its own characteristics and styles. The scene of the birth of Jesus Christ has also been represented by many famous artists in countless works of art throughout history.
Nativity scenes with figurines of different sizes and materials can be found. From small figurines of wood, plaster, clay or ceramics up to life-sized sculptures made with these or other materials. The essential and indispensable character in a birth is the Christ child inside his makeshift crib, the manger where eat the animals. Characters like the Virgin Mary and Joseph, the angels, the ox and the mule, the star, the three wise men, the pages and the camels, the shepherds and their sheep are seldom missing and many others can complement the Nativity scene.
These Christmas representations are accustomed to perform in the houses, churches and other public places. Dimensions of the Manger scene and the figurines conforms to the space available. Some Nativity scenes are very large and they recreates a vast territory including towns, mountains, rivers and desert. Some of the characters are moved as advances calendar of festivities are approaching towards the portal where born Jesus on Christmas Eve. The wise men follow the star of Bethlehem which leads them to the Baby Jesus through the desert.
In public spaces, they tend to be very colorful and spectacular representations of the birth of Jesus Christ. The dimensions of the figures and sometimes innovative mounting style make them very attractive to viewers. The tradition of contemplate and admire public manger scenes is deeply rooted in some countries. There is also the tradition of Nativity scenes where each of the characters and animals are represented by people and animals, are known as living Nativity scenes. In some towns they are represented with the collaboration of a large part of the population that recreates different scenes of Christmas cribs in their own homes, streets, and portals.