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Other Christmas traditions coloring pages

Other Christmas traditions

Despite the clear and strong effects of globalization in the Christmas celebrations are still many local traditions preserved in many parts of the world. Some of these traditions have also had some impact outside its own borders. Here you can find coloring pages of some of these traditions that must preserved and maintained in each of their territories. The list of other traditions for Christmas is very long and you can help us to complete it. Through social networks you can tell us about the traditions of your country. Let's see if we can prepare new drawings with your suggestions.
We have drawings of traditions coming from Central and Northern Europe countries as some strange and bestial creatures, Advent Calendars and Christmas pyramids. Sinterklaas and Saint Nicholas traditions come from the Netherlands. While in Italy there is the curious character of the witch Befana and a famous dessert for Christmas holidays as the panettone. In Russia the typical characters of Christmas are the beautiful snow girl and grandfather cold with a long beard. In Spain and Latin American countries, there are traditions as diverse as the ring-shaped cake of Kings, turrones and the candy coal; the Christmas piñata and the cavalcade of Magi. Other deeply-rooted traditions are curious characters as the Caganer and the Tió in the territories of catalan culture and Olentzero from the Basque country.