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Pypus in Christmas coloring pages

Pypus in Christmas

Our friend Pypus the octopus also celebrates Christmas. Here you will find many Christmas drawings of Pypus. We have the likeable Pypus disguised as Santa Claus and disguised with a reindeer antler. In other coloring pages we will see also Pypus beside the fir, a sleigh, the fireplace decorated for Christmas, with all the gifts, with a nice snowman and a reindeer. Paint and colour the octopus Pypus with many other Christmas decorations like balls of Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath, a candle, some bells and ice crystals. Each year we will add new designs to our collection of Pypus and Christmas.
Now we will give you an idea which seems to us you can like it. You can use these beautiful and original drawings with Pypus to prepare your personalized Christmas cards. Check out the entire collection of drawings, choose which you like more thinking in who you want to give away it. Then you only should color it and customize it to your liking and finally decide although you want it in paper or send it by e-mail as a virtual card. You see whatever you prefer in each case, you always have two options. The most important thing is to know that small details like this can make people around you enjoy a happy and unforgettable Christmas.