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Santa Claus

The character of Santa Claus or Father Christmas is a legendary figure who has his roots in the traditions of the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon countries. The origin of the legend seems partly inspired by the life of Saint Nicholas of Bari. Since the 19th century to the present Santa Claus is personified in an elderly fat man with a long white beard and dressed in red who delivers gifts to children on Christmas Eve.
Santa Claus has a long list of names with all the children in the world who has behaved well during the whole year. Following this list and the letters sent by children themselves during the year, Father Christmas, with the help of his sleigh, the flying reindeers and the elves, distributes the gifts around the world in a unique and magical night, the night of 24 to 25 December, the eve of Christmas day which is known as Christmas Eve.
Legends about Santa Claus located his home in a very remote area with perpetual snow and ice such as Lapland or the North Pole. There he can live very quiet the rest of the year together with his wife Mrs. Claus. The most common representation of Santa Claus tends to be accompanied with a large bag of toys and gifts. You can also find more drawings of Father Christmas with the sled, entering houses through chimneys and leaving gifts under the Christmas tree. Another classical image of Santa is listening carefully to the wishes of children who sit on his lap in any place in the world when the Christmas holidays are coming soon .
Santa Claus usually has a proper name in many other languages, sometimes these are names that come from local traditions and folklore, while in other cases it is a translation or adaptation of the original name.