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Animals in Christmas coloring pages

Animals in Christmas

Children have always had a great connection with animals. For this reason, it is evident that the combination of animals and Christmas is a guarantee of absolute success among kids's audience.
We have lots of drawings with the most varied animals as protagonists of various Christmas scenes. These coloring pages always have been very attractive and nice for boys and girls as preparation and entertainment for Christmas.
Here you will find many animals with typical hat of Santa Claus: mice, cats, dogs, horses, penguins, bears, elephant, turtle, beaver and bird. Other animals with Christmas gifts and ornaments. Typical family Christmas scenes featured by animals as a family of bears with Christmas tree and a family of bunnies on the table celebrating Christmas.
Some of the drawings are with anthropomorphic animals, that is, animals with characteristics and human attitudes. For example, animals performing tasks typical of men or animals dressed in clothes typical of human beings.