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Christmas Balls or Baubles coloring pages

Christmas Balls or Baubles

Decorative Christmas balls are classic embellishments in the houses during the Christmas celebrations. Normally these small colored baubles are used in the decoration of Christmas trees, although they can be used for all kind of ornamentation. In the Christmas decorations can be combined balls and other elements of different colors either choose all the decorations of a same color range.
There are Christmas baubles of different dimensions, different light materials and many and brilliant colors, even there are transparent ones. Normally the ball has an spherical shape, but there are also similar decorations with other more complex shapes. Each ball is usually a unique smooth color or with any texture, but also there are also decorated with drawings and geometric elements of Christmas inspiration. The classical balls were very delicate and if they fell to the ground broke into a thousand pieces. They are currently manufactured in plastic materials less fragile and more resistant.