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Christmas trees coloring pages

Christmas trees

When Christmas season is close in many houses around the world Christmas trees appear. Children and adults enjoy decorating the tree with different and varied decorative elements. Typical and traditional Christmas trees are from the coniferous group such as firs and pines.
The decorations used on Christmas trees are very varied. The most classic are Christmas balls, stars, ribbons, garlands and other small figurines. Electric garlands made by small blinking lights are also very popular. These lights are inspired by candles that were traditionally used as decoration. At the top of the tree often is placed a star symbolizing the star of Bethlehem.
Families who live in houses that have garden decorate a fir or other tree in the garden. Those who live in apartments tend to decorate small natural fir planted in a pot. In recent years artificial Christmas trees made of plastic have become popular. These trees consist of different pieces which are assembled for Christmas and removed when holidays are finished and stored in a box the rest of the year.
Also, Christmas trees are in the main squares of many towns and cities. Huge fir trees decorated with colored lights give color and Christmas atmosphere in public spaces.
The tradition of Christmas trees has its antecedents in the countries of Northern Europe. In various countries is known from ancient pagan traditions in which an evergreen tree was decorated to celebrate the arrival of winter.
It seems that it was in Germany where the first trees were decorated for Christmas and from there this tradition spread through out Europe and later a large part of the world. The Christmas tree is currently one of the internationally most renowned symbols of the Chistmas holiday season.
Here children will find many coloring sheets of different styles of Christmas trees and with varied decorations.