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Snowmen coloring pages


Snowmen are fun sculptures which are made with the snow accumulated on the ground. These characters have a very limited life because they disappear when the snow melts due to the rising temperatures. The construction of snowmen is great entertainment for adults and children during the winter when there is a snowfall. The amount of accumulated snow will indicate more or less the dimension that will have our snowman.
A snowman is begun forming a large ball of snow on the ground, the legs. On top of this first ball is placed other smaller simulating the body. Finally with a third smaller ball is just completing the basic structure of the snowman, the head. To make large snowman we suggest to hammer a wooden stick into the snow to ensure its stability.
Once the volume with snow balls is finished, begins the work of completing the snowman with other elements. In this final phase is when the possibilities are greater and this is where your imagination will help you to create a unique snowman. We advise you to never forget to make a photograph with your snowman because it will disappear when the temperatures go up and possibly you are never going to make another identical snowman.
For the final phase of the snowman construction you can use everything what you have at hand and your parents allow you to use for the snowman. For example, some branches for arms and a potato or a carrot for the nose. You can dress it with used clothes like a necktie, gloves and an old hat. A few flat stones can serve as buttons. There are many possibilities to customize your snowman, let your imagination fly. Among our drawings you can find some alive snowmen from the world of fantasy.
Snow is the basic and essential material for snowmen construction. The snow is solid precipitation of ice crystals that occurs when temperatures are low. According to the weather conditions, ice crystals are grouped forming snowflakes. The fallen snow is deposited on the ground and according to the conditions will be accumulated and compacted under its own weight. The thickness of accumulated snow can become very large.